3 Sided Cube


Hi all,
I see that some people posted about not all the sides working on their LED cube.
I’m up to 3 sides working now. About to go unsolder and add them in 1 at a time, darn it.

Did anyone else have issues other than bad connections that resulted in only 3 sides.
I did set the code to 96 Pixels and also if you change the 255 in the lines of code representing color down to 5 it is a nice glowing led and you don’t need sunglasses anymore. :slight_smile:

Ok, back to the workbench. Best wishes!



As is almost always true in my life, almost as soon as I admit I need help, I find a solution.
I was fighting with taking solder off so I gave up and decided to try one more time.

The steps to reproduce my fix for the 3 sided cube.

  1. upload some of the different sketches that people are posting, especially Grandpa.
  2. got an arduino memory error during the upload, but the code ran, on all six sides.
  3. now all the sketches can run and hit all 6 sides… AND I am not finding the memory error anymore.

So… Not sure where that leaves others. Not sure how to reproduce the original problem. Perhaps reset the Arduino to factory? Worth looking into now that I know it’s likely a software issue… I did not move the cube or touch it physically during it’s change from 3 sided to 6…

Woot! Happy So Cal Mom can sleep now. P.S. Grandpa’s random color is the best sketch so far that I’ve tried. adorable, I set max intensity to 5…



:cry: :persevere: borken again. Didn’t change the hardware. Don’t get it.


YAY :scream: :astonished: Working again. All six sides. I carefully heated and resoldered all the pins for power/data and ignored the structural pins. I really need a solder sucker. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear all six sides are working, Susan! I agree that Grandpa’s random color is the best sketch. :slight_smile: