Arduino coding challenges


Hello -

My son and have been trying unsuccessfully to do the MIDI Piano and IMU Game Controller modules on a Mac. We enjoy the soldering and electronics but the minute we go to test code etc. we are lost. The video is not very clear and we continue to get errors when posting the Benchmark code. Are there specific instructions for exactly how to do the coding part of this model available? Is there any way we can get better guidance on the Arduino aspect off the projects.

Do new modules improve the coding experience and troubleshooting?

thank you
John and Spencer


Hey John and Spencer,

I would be glad to help debug the problem. Lets start with the MIDI Piano. The benchmark code can be found Here.

  • Copy this section section of code and paste it into the a new Arduino sketch in the Arduino IDE.
  • Save the file, connect cable to Arduino, and upload the sketch. At the bottom of the Arduino IDE you will get readouts that tell you when it is done uploading.
  • Then in the top right corner of the IDE, click on the Serial Monitor button, a popup will open and should start spitting out numbers continuously that correspond to each key on the MIDI keyboard
  • Note: If the Serial Monitor is spitting out critic nonsense then make sure the Baud Rate is in the Arduino IDE is set to 9600

This will confirm the hardware is working correctly, and allow us to continue with the software. Let me know how this step goes and if you run into any problems.


thanks Plane… the benchmark code worked with piano but we have moved on to the IMU Controller. When we attempt to upload the OLED test, we never see the Blue rectangle on the screen but also do not get any errors and it says “done uploading”. the Arduino board flashes.






obviously my son needs to work on his chatting… we troubleshooted the code and were able to get it to work - thanks for offering to help!