Calibrate the Joysticks



Discussion of Calibrate the Joysticks block from the Robotics Kit 2 module.


Hello, the button clicks are not being detected in the calibration and it is only giving results for X and not Y


Hey there @redman, So it was my mistake in the code. It started trying to calibrate the right joystick instead of the left. Everything in the instructions says to start left. I’ve updated it now. My bad. You can either change the variable at the top from “right” to “left” or grab the updated code from the module. If you’re still having issues let me know.


ok thank you


I had a great deal off difficulty with calibrating the joysticks. I had to modify the code to recognize a button push at 680.

I added some print commands and learned that the button pushes are not producing 1024 but rather 680. Also, my joysticks aren’t in the 200 - 800 range they are in the 162 - 516 range.