Electrical Assembly



Discussion of Electrical Assembly block from the LED Cube module.


I just finished assembling the LED cube and have a few suggestions on the assembly instructions.

  1. Need video or note on soldering headers on board 6 - it’s not obvious that the short legs of the header are soldered to board 6 whereas the long legs are soldered on all the other boards. The schematic does show that the legs sticking out of board 6 are different from the other boards, but it’s too easy to miss that detail while following the videos.

  2. Oscar, please keep the hardware in view of camera while assembling the cube - it was extremely difficult to see how the boards were oriented as you assembled the cube. Yes, I could figure it out from the schematic, but there are a lot of newbies on this forum and I’m sure they’d like a clearer video of how the cube goes together. Also would be nice to see snapshot of cube as each board is added.


Thanks for the feedback, Grandpa! Will definitely keep this in mind. The next kit is an LED Compass and we will make sure we have close-ups of the build. Really appreciate it!