First Time WiFi Module Setup



Discussion of First Time WiFi Module Setup block from the Robotics Kit 1 module.


we are getting the following message during testing of our wifi
Testing WiFi Module…
Timeout communicating with WiFi Module at 115200 Baud
Setting Baudrate to 9600…
Does anyone know how to proceed?


We uploaded the code to the arduino the serial monitor begins to start but doesn’t finish the set up


Hi, are you able to continue to the next step? Once it is programmed to 9600, you should be able to continue and see that it is working. If not, can you please send a note to I’ll setup a time to debug this issue with you remotely and make sure to post the resolution back here so others can benefit.


Hi David. We sent an email on Tuesday to to set up a remote debugging. Please advise.


Thank you for all of your help. The power pack worked and the vehicle worked just fine. We were able to drive all around the school and it was fun. Thank you again for helping us.