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General discussion of the Robotics Kit 1 module.


All done!


Hi, My Robot WIFI disappears if the robot is disconnected from the laptop.
How can I make the Wifi access point to be persisted so that I can control the robot wirelessly?

Serial Port Monitor message ==>

[WiFiEsp] Access point started My WiFi Robot
[WiFiEsp] Server started on port 80
Server started
To see this page in action, connect to My WiFi Robot and open a browser to

[WiFiEsp] New client 0
New client
[WiFiEsp] Disconnecting 0
Client disconnected


I’ve had similar experiences and not knowing more about this I’ve tried resetting the boards after unplugged from my laptop and that seems to work.

Also make sure you have a fresh 9V to power the Arduino with the WiFiEsp because the wifi eats up a lot of power. Thimble has added an info box about the battery:


We are having a very similar problem. While connected to the USB port on the computer the WiFiEsp creates the WIFI service and we can control the robot through the web page. But, when disconnected from the USB port it does not create the WIFI network at all. We’ve tried resetting the boards, disconnecting and reconnecting power, and re-installing the software.

All of the batteries (AAs and 9V) are brand new.

Any help would be appreciated.