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General discussion of the Creator Set module.


If anyone needs the Seeeduino driver, here it is:

Windows did not install the board on its own for me.


FYI my base shield came with the VCC switch set to 3v3. Remember to check that it’s switched to 5V.


Was there an issue uploading to the Seeduino without the drivers?


Yes, the Arduino IDE wouldn’t allow me to select the Port, because my PC didn’t recognize the board. So I couldn’t upload anything :slight_smile:


Are you using Windows, Mac, or Linux? I didn’t add the drivers to the tutorial because I didn’t run into that problem but i’ll add them to the Arduino install section. What would we do without you Mike!


Windows 8

If I remember correctly, Windows found the new device like normal, but just couldn’t figure out how to load the drivers. I ended up on the Seeeduino wiki that provided the download to do it manually.


is there a list of all the moderators???


That’d be a question for @Dressner or someone else that works at Thimble. What do you need?


a lot


by the way like my pofile pic??


Working through the thermometer/LCD program and having problems with the rgb_lcd library which does not appear to be listed in Mange Libraries. Unable to compile the script because of this. Any idears?


The libraries can be found in the “Libraries” tab.


Can you tell me which files to install for a computer running Win 7? I’m having the same issue that you were having. Thank you!!


The Step 1. Install the Driver for Seeeduino V4.2 in that link says it works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, so it should be the same instructions.


Got it working- thank you!


Thanks! This was what was causing my LCD screen to just be the background color and not show any text. <3 for sharing!