Introduce Yourself


If you’re new to Thimble, feel free to introduce yourself. Say hi, post a photo, and tell us what you’re most excited to learn and build with Thimble!



Hello! My name is Adam. I’m an alch… oh, wrong place. :wink:

I live in South Carolina, am prior military, life long nerd, and a father. The last bit is what drew me to Thimble, as hopefully a fun and interesting way for me to bond with my kiddo (Duplo’s are only interesting for so long).

The Wi-Fi robot definitely sounds like a way to come in with a bang, so that’ll probably be what I’m looking forward to most, but I am curious to see all the other things you guys can cook up.



My name is Will, and I’m a High School student in Minnesota. Any time I’m not at school, or working at my job as a bike mechanic, I spend mountain biking and working on hobbies, which include pretty much anything tech-related ( Building, flying, and crashing RC Vehicles, PC Building, Robotics, etc.)

The thing I like about Thimble is that I can stay busy actually building and learning, rather than watching videos on my computer, and not actually being able to experience building it. I also have been trying to learn programming for a while, and I think this will motivate me to learn.


Mike from the Madison, WI area (originally from the Chicago suburbs).

Similar to Adam, the Wi-Fi robot piqued my interest. Last Christmas I got an Arduino starter kit and had a lot of fun with the tutorials. When I saw the Thimble kits adding some soldering to the mix, I was pretty excited! I hadn’t soldered before and liked the concept of tutorials walking you through everything. The individual kits are nice too because then you don’t have to find all the parts yourself.

And similar to Will, I like staying busy actually building and learning. A couple years ago I discovered an interest in woodworking. And then last Christmas with the Arduino. It’s great to be able to build something on your own with some help instead of buying finished products all the time.


Mike, I am from the Madison area originally! Small world! I miss the cheese, but won’t have to miss Culvers for too long, as they are building one down here! :slight_smile:


I really haven’t properly introduced myself yet. I’m Brian, originally from Buffalo NY, but I’ve been working out of Oregon for the past few years. I’ve always been a tinkerer, and after job hopping for a few years, I finally settled down and got an engineering degree. Most of my experience is in embedded development and power electronics- a lot of playing with microcontrollers and occasionally making fireworks shows out of beefy transistors.

I’m currently handling most of the web development and server admin stuff for Thimble, which isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but I’m pretty capable. Hopefully once we’ve got a solid base down, I’ll get to work on some kits for everyone.

I’m excited to see Dave and Oscar’s idea come to life, and I’m really looking forward to working with both Thimble and all the subscribers to build something great!


Hi everyone, I’m Nick. I’ve been interning with Thimble this past summer and will continue on through most of December. Originally from Morris Plains, NJ, I’ll be a 3rd year electrical engineering student at RIT this coming spring. My interest is mostly in embedded systems right now but who knows where my classes will drive my interests!

My job at Thimble involves helping design kits and writing up tutorials for them, so I’ll be keeping an eye on the Beta Testers posts to make sure you guys find the kits interesting and the tutorials easy to follow. We’re still working to achieve that perfect sweet spot between spoon-feeding and leaving you to figure it out on your own, so any feedback is appreciated!


I thought y’all might appreciate a picture of one of your smaller new fans with his badge (He didn’t solder… that was left to dad)…

He insisted we try it in the dark, so here’s another:

As you can see, it arrived in fair enough condition. Part of the battery assembly leads did break off, but enough was left. The reason all the kits got roughed up in the mail is because they were in a standard envelope, so the postal service sent it through the automated machine sorter, which tends to smash anything inside. Since the robot kits are in boxes the machine sorter shouldn’t be an issue.


Hello World!

My name is Paul, Like Nick, I am also a Thimble Intern working to develop future kits. We have been working on some really cool stuff, so Stay Tuned! for one of our kits in the upcoming months.I grew up in Western NY. I am a 5th year Computer Engineering Technology student at RIT, and yes that means I am graduating soon! With a background in art, and a soon to be degree in Computer Engineering Technology, along with the longing to create, STEAM is where its at for me.

Feel free to ask questions, share your ideas, and collaborate with other users. Just in case you were wondering, the picture is last years Halloween costume, Over Enthused Christmas Guy!


cool pictures! I’m glad you guys are having fun with this stuff. He’s gonna love the wifi robot I bet.


hi everyone! i am chris from hawaii. older, semi-retired management consultant, wanted to learn about electronics. read books and watched videos but wanted to get hands-on beginner projects, learn by making mistakes but have a support system when get confused or stuck. no electronics experience but wanted something challenging but not too simple. like to figure things out on my own. tend to not read instructions first but just jumps in. i have been traveling so have not seen package yet but thought i would get started anyway while i am on the road. glad to be a part of the beta and have enjoyed tracking thimble’s journey from idea to reality. great job guys (and gals).

just finished my project! woo hoo! here are some thoughts and comments…

  1. videos hang after first 15-20 seconds. they keep loading but never get there.
  2. gather material video hangs, how to use soldering iron video hangs, solder battery holder video hangs
  3. don’t know what solder sucker is… not sure if mentioned in video. possible link to glossary of terms. saw that solder sucker was described in troubleshooting at end of project. glad to see. did not know that was there.
  4. also clearly numbered steps of videos will help when trying to troubleshoot to know exactly what people are referring to (instead of title of video). simple nomenclature such as vid1a or pic2b etc. thinking about it more, clearly numbered instructions would be helpful.
  5. my eyesight is not what it used to be. any way to magnify any of the photos would be a great feature.
  6. liked that there was the “challenge” in the led video. i think figuring out something on your own is the fun part.
  7. it seemed like there are 2 ways to do this project…a) with videos and b) just follow along with pictures. since videos got hung up, i just used the pictures to move forward. i was not sure if i missed anything by not watching the videos but the step by step pix worked fine.
  8. my shirt pin arrived bent so i had to straighten. all good, i know you will not be sending projects in single white envelopes in the future!
  9. navigation - i don’t always recall what the icons on the nav bar are for. a pop up (home, project, discussion, etc) would be helpful or just add text to icon
  10. beta project. just being nitpicky… should be called “building led badge” and a learning objective would be to learn how to solder. perhaps a small box for each project that clearly calls out the key learning objectives/skills acquired for each project.
  11. tbh, the learning app section should also be broken down into like things. for example, projects, technical stuff, skill stuff, and other versus just a place for all video and tutorials. if i want to just jump into a project i look for that. if i want to learn more about arduino programming i can do to that section, etc.
  12. i know that taking notes function is not working yet. perhaps a comment section too for continuous improvement efforts. a way to give immediate feedback on a section from users. link to forum? just like making comments on this beta testing, have to keep going back and forth between forum and other functions. i decided to keep all my stuff in one post but not sure if that was the right way to do it.
  13. just watched soldering video…nicely done!
  14. maybe highlight a “learning challenge” with a special icon or different colored font
  15. was able to watch all the videos. very helpful and would have been nice to see before i did the project! all good though. parts of the videos were blurry. not sure how to improve video production quality.
  16. noticed dots at top of page map back to major sections listed on the right. i did not make the connection right off the bat and only after scrutinizing page. it is probably me, but i would prefer the outline stuff on the left of the page versus the right. just seems more intuitive to have the outline/summary stuff on the left.
  17. not sure what you guys will do about replacing damaged or broken parts. i had to bend the pin of the battery holder so that it would fit in the hole (once again, prob got bent in the mail process and in the future your parts will arrive in a box i assume). i was concerned that the foot would break off as i bent it back into shape. that made me think about what you would do should a customer jack up some of the components. perhaps a note or comment about “workarounds” being half the fun of diy projects. this might be a good forum topic too.

all in all, great job! i am looking forward to watching your success continue.



Hello. My name is Nathan Free and I’m a Software Development Major (undergrad) at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS) as well as a tutor in Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics. I’m of senior standing currently.

I’ve always been interested in hardware as well as integrating hardware and software, but I haven’t tinkered much as I’ve been afraid to break things. Funny enough, this semester I’m enrolled in a Raspberry Pi and Rocketry course, during which I am learning just that (our first lesson was on soldering…what timing). I believe Thimble as well as my class will help me decide what to do with my future.

Cheers and good luck to you all.


Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer, I’ve bounced around the world a bit before coming back to the US and am currently semi-retired in Connecticut. Now that I have free time, I’m finally getting a chance to dive into all of my long-neglected intellectual pursuits (thanks to working way too many hours for way too many years). I’m most excited by puzzles and DIY, from robotics to making model trains to knitting. I’ve been exploring computer science and programming recently, and I’m looking forward to getting more exposure on the hardware side.


Hi Everyone,

I am David Barry a Software Engineer in Hudson Valley NY.
Looking to get back into Solid State Electronics. Been many years since my 555 and 7400 logic classes. Looking to learn building sensors for input and servo controllers for output and interfacing them with software. Would love to start with a simple line follow robot.


Hello! I am a UX designer with a background in web development. Novice with hardware, but excited to learn more!


Hello All, My name is Stan and I am originally from Pittsburgh. I work in the IT field so I know a little bit about coding, but I have very little knowledge of hardware/electronics, which is the area I want to learn more about. Thimble looks like a great way to accomplish this goal. I am excited about the WiFi robot because it is the first project, however once I complete each months project I will be excited for the next one to arrive to begin something new. Later, Stan


Hi everyone, my name is Roger, and I’m checking in from the Dallas, TX area. I’m a network engineer and specialize in routing/switching and writing complex maintenance automation using Perl. I’ve had some really basic electronics training in the past, and look forward to getting back into it. I’m excited about the chance to spend some time writing code for hardware that does fun stuff (you know, anything other than moving electrons between points A and B).


Hello! I am James, a software developer from Jackson Heights, NY. I am excited to build the wifi robot with my son Kartik who is 8 years old and in love with technology. We have been looking forward to this kit since meeting you guys at Maker Faire in NYC last year. Best of luck with the launch!



Hi Everyone,
My name is Matt and I’m an engineer. I’ve done some stuff with small electronics before but never anything motorized so I’m looking forward to learning and experiencing more things that move. Thimble kits will be my fun activity in the evenings when I’m not working, consulting, or helping the wife prep the house for the impending little one. I doubt I’ll have enough time to keep up with one kit a month, but it will be fun to try!