Introduce Yourself


Hi everyone, my name is Tony. I’m 50 years old and live in Wyoming and drive a taxi. I have a lot of hobbies such as photography, web development, rock hounding and dying fast and often in fps game on Xbox one. I’ve always loved building a web app from a-z. From the HTML and CSS front end and the PHP, MySQL and JavaScript / Ajaz backend and making it all work as one is pretty cool.
I recently started learning about electronics hardware and programming for such devices like an Arduino. I hope to eventually create a prototype for an idea I’ve had since I was a teen. Technology has finally caught up where it is feasible as I imagined it way back then.
The WiFi robot is what drew me to Thimble, can’t wait to chase my cats around with it lol. The rgb LED cube defintly caught my attention as well. I love blinky blinky LED’s.


Hi there! My name is Mark. I’m a 55 year old living on the east side of Columbus Ohio.

I’m just getting into the Arduino world. Can’t wait to have some fun with all of this.


Hello everyone! My name is Terence from Hong Kong. I am new in Arduino world but I am sure there will be lots of interesting things to learn and play with using Thimble platform. I look forward to contribute more in this platform while I have more interaction with it.


Hi, I’m Casey. I am 29 and a mainframe developer in northern Minnesota. My hobbies include PC gaming, photography, DJing the occasional party and just relaxing away from it all at the family cabin. Of course my vizsla pup, Sheldon, also eats up a fair amount of free time.

I’ve always wanted to get into hardware projects, but never knew where to start. The closest I’ve gotten was in my teens making ‘battlebots’ with my cousins. We would rip old motors out of VCRs, attach some sort of blade or club to the motor and hot glue the thing to a cheap RC car. If we were feeling particularity motivated we might even throw in a switch instead of just taping the leads to the battery. I think it’s time for me to learn to build something a little more advanced.


HELLO ( in my Mrs Doubtfire voice) I’m Jose, I’m from Dallas, I’m 35 and been a tinkerer my whole life. Pretty much have stuck around doing that as my career. I’m a field engineer for a hospital system. I have never gotten around to learning how to build and program robots and I saw this as an opportunity to learn how to do it. Maybe then I can say that I entered battle bots.


Hi all, I’m Lindsay. Looks like I’m the first Australian in here. I’m from Traralgon in Victoria. I have a background in IT (in fact I have a Bachelors in Information Technology and Systems from Monash University) as well as being a long time maker. I have been building bots and other computer controlled electronics since I was 14 on my family’s commodore 64.


Hi everyone, glad to have some great feedback already and sorry for taking so long to establish a presence here on the forums.

I’m one of the founders of Thimble. My name is David Brenner. I’ve been obsessed with mechanical and electrical systems since a young age. I am beyond thrilled to see all of this come together. Oscar and I are working very hard, along with the rest of our small team, to ensure Thimble is a fun way to learn and build electronics.

Some background on me - I currently live in Buffalo and have previously lived in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, New York (Buffalo, Rochester, and Poughkeepsie), and California. I’ve worked for a bunch of huge semiconductor companies (AMD, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and IBM) and one ~100 employee electronics manufacturer (Microwave Data Systems, which was eventually bought by GE) as well as plenty of other high school, summer jobs, and independent consulting, etc. I really liked all of my coworkers and managers at the big companies I worked, but I always wanted to try my hand at the business side: thus, the motivation for starting Thimble. I’m working as hard as I can to make Thimble the type of business and product offering I would have wanted when I started learning electronics.


Hello all!

My name is Justin Jones. I live in Iowa. I’m a Software Engineer by trade but tinkerer at heart. I found this through some friends at work. I subscribe to teach me and my two children some fun things with hardware and software. So far so good! The first kit went together nicely! Keep up the great work!


Hi, I’m Dave from Florida. I don’t have a background in building robots, but I am starting classes for ECET in 10 days. I will be more of a follower than a leader on this site, so I thank you all for your help in advance.


Hi Dave,

Welcome! You should have everything you need to get started building the WiFi robot kit.

Additionally, please check your email again. I responded to your email an hour ago, within 10 minutes of receiving your question. Let me know if you didn’t get the response and I can resend it.



Anthony here from WA State. Kit is due to arrive on the 4th of January, can’t wait to get started with the kiddos and see if I can get them focused on how awesome building things is!


Hi All,

My name is Ben an I live in Winston-Salem NC. I have always been fixer tinker and am looking forward to learning code and how it interacts with the hardware.


Hi everyone,

I’m Oscar - one of the founders here at Thimble. I wanted to introduce myself here on the forums as well since I haven’t been able to. This has been such a wonderful adventure with David and we are beyond excited to get the learning platform up and going so you can learn as much as possible.

My background is in higher education and unlike David, I’m quite the beginner when it comes to electronics but I’m learning little by little. Before tutorials go live, I build each kit and help create the instructions to ensure they’re easy to understand. I’m also the guy behind setting the customer experience so if you need anything, please please please reach out to me. My goal is to make sure you’re having a positive experience here on the site and with the kits you’re receiving. I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful projects you build and hack together. Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Hi all, my name is julio, im from spain, im an electronic engineer and i like very much all these projects


*Hello all!*

My name is Seth. I will be 41 in about a month and graduated from college last year with my degree in computer engineering. About 6 years ago circumstances aligned and I was finally able to start college in earnest. I am now currently working as a software engineer for Tektronix, and thoroughly enjoying my new career.

I’ve always loved to tinker with things and figure out how they work. Through my many explorations, I have come to find that even the most simple things can teach you more than some of the most complex, even when you are already experienced or seasoned in the topic. This is what I hope to gain from playing with the Thimble kits. Not only that, but I have a voracious appetite for learning in almost any way, shape, or form.

I hope I am able to contribute to the community!



Welcome Seth! Congrats on the recent degree in computer engineering. That’s awesome! We’re happy to have you and looking forward to seeing you build fun projects on here! Please reach out if you need anything.


Hi we are Jack and Oliver.

We are 14 year old twins who live in New Zealand. We have no experience with either electronics or coding. We are looking forward to the challenges awaiting - we have already assembled the robot and are now learning how to write more code.


Welcome Jack and Oliver!I We’ve been looking forward to seeing you both on here! Can’t wait to see your first projects in action! :slight_smile:


Hi I am Melvin Rand

I live in Abilene Texas. I work for the federal government and I just want to learn new an interesting and useful skill. I also enjoy working with wood…


Hi Peeps -
I’m AustinThorBoy - RF/Electrical engineer - I’ve done projects like this and used to run a start-up that made similar products. I’m using this to teach my son Leo (10 years old). We just finished Part 1 - took about 5 hours.