Missing Parts in Kit


I have the Creator Set, but as I went through the list of parts in it, I discovered that the Relay part is missing from the set. There is a part that is not listed on the module with the parts list (no image like it), but It does not have the black box on it like the Relay part does. What do I do to get the correct part, or is this part a newer or updated part (image attached)? Thank you.


Will (Slade’s dad)


I’d bet the Creator Set kit was updated to remove the relay and replace it with a wifi module. Most of the projects use a wifi module, and it’s really fun to add to a project (IoT type stuff).

When the Creator Set kit came out, there was a question about why there wasn’t a project using the relay, and the answer was liability: I have a question about the simonsays


Thank you for the response. I am not sure if this item is a WiFi module or not, but it is certainly not the Relay displayed in the images they have on that module for the Creator Set. I’m just needing some clarity regarding what I have, and if I need the relay in order for my son to continue these projects, or is lacking the relay component going to cause problems.

Also, this was to alert the team to the fact that they badly need to update these modules. Thanks again!


Hi Slade,

Thanks for the notice. We will update the tutorial for the Creator Set to clarify. As @mkenig pointed out, we replaced the relay with the WiFi module. This will give you more functionality in the end.