Newbie question - uploading code


Hey everyone –

We are at the “LED Cube 006 Testing Main Board” section of the project and are told to “upload the code” to the cube to test it. We have no idea how to upload the code. I’ve connected the board to the computer via the USB cable but it doesn’t look like the computer even sees the cube. Any help on how to get the code uploaded is greatly appreciated.



Have you read any of the tutorials on or watched anything like what’s in this thread?


Can you try on a different Arduino? Does the ardunio software see board? I went through about 8 cables last night and found only 1 that worked as a ‘data’ cable. All the rest worked fine to charge my phone.


I had the same problem - I figured it out and posted my notes here: Problems with LED Cube Instructions - advice for others new to Thimble