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Discussion of Robot Friend block from the Creator Set module.


I keep getting an access denied when I click on the PDF template of the robot friend. I am logged in. Is there another link or place to get the template? I used Safari and Chrome and got similar errors.

This is what I see: AccessDeniedAccess Denied244758E02F803777G8RYqknIBczWcJ5FzZr7AK1uQCzPwThjEOqFYcmtaQ8rOmvCkAOE0gwNfnQpYaG5Ps6DpDLPmG4=

or This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Access Denied



what do you mean??


for the Robot Friend, when you get towards the end, there is a link to the PDF template to print out the robot shape. When I click on that link, I get those errors instead of the pdf.


you could try drawing it out


is there something wrong with your printer


Printer is fine. The link seems to be bad. I could draw it out, but it would be better to print. My artistic skills aren’t great. I was hoping to use this with my daughter as a quick, fun project. She does have better art skills than me. :wink:


i can ask one of the staff members for you


That would be great. Thank you!


no problem


Hey, Sometimes links get broken, its a matter of time before they get fixed. I figured I would give an alternate link to download the PDF. RobotFriendTemplate.pdf

Note: Right click, then click open link in new tab. I had issues simply clicking


I wrote this same mail to support email but hoping someone online can help…
"Hey - Good news. We did figure out how to set up the arduino editor for chromebook. THe instructions very slightly from what you published for windows which I have to admit was a bit frustrating considering we know nothing about coding. WIth that said, we plugged in the Thimbleduino and were able to run the Basics - BLink code.

Now we have moved on to “Robot Friend”. And the instructions do not show how to plug the “Digital” board into the computer. Or what to connect it to. THe picture seems to show that the USB cable is plugged directly into this board, which is not the same board we used for the “blink” practice code.

The “Digital” board that we have, as pictured in the “robot friend” instruction. Does not have a microUSB port at all like the Thimbleduino board. THIS MOM IS CONFUSED. Is this board defective or am I missing something?"


I think you’re just missing the step of attaching the shield to the Thimbleduino. There’s not a picture for it, but the step is located here:

Remove the base shield from the foam and put it on top of your Arduino. There are pins on the shield that will match up and slide into the Arduino.

The shield attaches to the Thimbleduino so the Creator Set components can easily plug into the shield using the included cables. The USB still attaches to the Thimblediono and the two boards work together with the code you upload to make everything work with the various components.