Serial monitor not showing anything when we pour water in it (Not Solved)


Hi i’m redman and when we pour water in the funnel the water gauge moves but the serial monitor doesn’t show anything! please help we spent over an hour on it and we found out it doesn’t work :cry: :cry:


Confirm that your baud rate for the serial monitor matches what is initialized. Match the value in your code of from the line in setup: Serial.begin(9600); to the value in the bottom right of the serial monitor. This is the first step when debugging serial monitor issues, sometimes you will see garbage characters appear on the serial monitor.


This is going to sound odd, when the bucket tips try putting your ear to the sensor. You should hear a click. If you can’t hear it, try using the additional magnet included in the kit. That clicking means that the switch contacts are connecting. Check out the gifs in the Magnetic Intruder Alarm section to see how the switch interacts with magnets.


it clicked


my baud rate is 9600


We are having the same issue any fixes yet?


Hey Dustin. What do you get when you run the code found here? When you hear a click from the sensor you should see a change.


The first code works fine, It’s the second one that doesn’t seem to work.