Discussion of Thermometer block from the Creator Set module.


The LCD display is not working while trying to build Thermometer. Please help. The LCD does not show anything.


Have you tried a different project to test the LCD, like the LCD Backlight Disco?


No. Which project do you want me to test. Can you please add a link to this thread? I will test it.

It looks like LCD is doing nothing. It does not look like it has power or any light.


It’s two down from the Thermometer project:

Just to see if that does anything with the LCD.


LCD Backlight Disco works; but Both Thermometer and timer do not work. Please help to make those projects work.

It looks like when I pass 0,0,0 to LCD nothing happens and the when I print nothing is printed in LCD. Something is not right on LCD.


If the Disco works, then the LCD should be fine. I’m out of town for a while so I can’t check anything more myself. Hopefully someone else can jump in.


No one has jumped in yet. Waiting for an answer or next step to try.


Hey there. There is a switch on the Seeeduino as well as the black expansion board with all the sockets. Can you make sure that they are both set to 5V and not 3V3. If its still not working after that we’ll send you a replacement. Shoot me an email at

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Thank you. Will try today evening when I am back. I will let you know.


That made it work. Thank you so much :slight_smile: