Creator Set - Grove

What are These Things in My Set? 

When you open up the Creator Set, you'll see a bunch of modules. Each has a certain function. Some are Sensors that measure the environment. That could be the amount of light or sound, for example. Some are Indicators, which show a state or information. These could be an LED or a display. The last kind are Actuators, that interact with the environment. Actuators are things like motors that move or spin.

Why Use These? 

These modules are reusable. You can use them in one project and then reuse them in another one. They are much harder to break then the average electrical component. They share a connector that is universal so a cable for one module works for all the rest.

We want future projects to be more hackable and tinker friendly and using these modules is the answer.

What Modules Do I Get? 

I'm glad you asked!

A Button
A Button
A Piezo Buzzer
An LED Driver
With 3 LED colors
A Light Sensor
A Rotary Potentiometer
A Servo
A Capacitive Touch Sensor
A Temperature Sensor
A Sound Sensor
A WiFi Module. Looks may vary but on the back it will say WiFi no matter the model.
An LCD Display

How Do I Use These? 

There is one step you have to do before getting started with the 12 projects. Open up your kit. Remove the LCD Display at the top and you'll find a board protected by pink foam. This board is called the base shield. Remove the base shield from the foam and put it on top of your Arduino. There are pins on the shield that will match up and slide into the Arduino. This lets us use all the cool features of the modules with a normal Arduino. Now you're ready to get started.

The Creator Set
The Creator Set
Take the LCD and foamed board
Base Shield and Arduino
Base shield installed on top of the Arduino

So What Are These Modules Again? 

Hey You 

We want your feedback. It helps us know what's working and what's not. Everyone here at Thimble wants to teach Electronics and Programming the best that we can and your feedback helps us do that. While you build these projects take some notes about what was cool and what could use some work. Post on the forums with your experiences and hacks.

Happy Hacking!