Paper Circuits

Print the templates 

Star Wars Lightsaber

Harry Potter Wand

Grab the Star Wars or Harry Potter template and print it out using a double sided printer. If you don't have a double side capable printer you can print each side separately and either tape or staple them together.

Front side
Front side
You should see this when you flip this corner
Back side

Place the copper tape 

Starting on the back or inside, tear off some copper tape and tape over all the brown lines on the template. Try to make each run of copper tape just one piece. While the adhesive is conductive, it isn't as good as the copper itself. Take extra caution when making turns. I like to lay down the tape then deal with the turn by folding it.

Starting on the back or inside
Starting on the back or inside
Tear off copper tape
Peel some of the backing off
Tape over all the brown lines
Carefully with turns
Try to keep each run one piece
Two more to go
Carefully with turns
Carefully with turns
Carefully with turns
These two points make up the switch
They will touch once we fold the paper
Folded over tape turns
These are okay
A little off the lines is fine


Flipping over to the front, grab the LED. It has a short leg and a long LED. Stick it through the paper at the top of the Lightsaber or wand, with the longer leg on the left. Flip over to the back, and bend each leg over the copper tape. Peel a little copper tape back and over the leg, making an LED leg sandwich. Place a piece of normal tape over the legs to ensure a good connection.

The front side
The front side
Longer postive leg
Place here in the Lightsaber
Or here in the wand
Through the paper like so
Through the paper like so
Flip over bend the legs
Peel copper tape back over leg
Both legs
Use some normal tape
To ensure a good connection


The battery has a smooth positive side and a bumpy negative side. Place it with the positive side facing down and the bumpy negative side facing up. Fold over the corner of the paper and secure with a paper clip.

Battery time
Battery time
Smooth '+' side
Bumpy '-' Side
Bumpy side up
Secure with a paper clip

Almost Done 

Fold the paper in half and press down where the switch is. The LED should light up. If you made the Lightsaber, you can cut a section off of a drinking straw to guide the light. It should fit snug over the 3mm LED.

Almost finished
Almost finished
Fold in half
Front side
Test the button
Lightsaber sounds
Take your straw
Place on LED


Your training is complete, PadawanYour training is complete, Padawan


If your LED isn't lighting up, double check that your battery is in right way, the LED is in the right way, and that there are no breaks in the copper tape.