Mechanical Assembly

Gather Materials 

Gather the materials below and get ready to build the PCB for the RGB Matrix Arcade!


All Parts
All Parts
Acrylic Side Panel
M3 6mm Screw
M3 6mm Nut
Acrylic Side Panel 2
M3 6mm Screw 6
M3 6mm Nut 6

Tools you'll need

Wire Cutters
Mechanical Assembly
Follow Along

Acrylic Side Panels 

Take the 2 side panels and remove the protective paper. With the finished PCB flipped to its back, line up the holes of a panel with the mounting holes in the PCB. Place 3 M3 screws through the front of the mounting holes and a nut on the back. Tighten until held in place. Be careful to not overtighten. The PCB and acrylic panels could be damaged. Do the same for the other side panel.

PCB and panel
PCB and panel
Line up
Place screw
Secure one
Secure all
Other panel

Attach the Arduino 

The last step in to attach the Arduino to the headers of the RGB Matrix Arcade. With the kit still flipped over get your Arduino. Line up the headers of the Arudino to the header pins on the Matrix Arcade. They will only match up one way. Press down and make sure that the Arduino is fully seated.

Arduino and Matrix Arcade
Arduino and Matrix Arcade
Lined up Arduino headers and pins
Pins still exposed
Pressed down

Finished Arcade 

The kit is finished with assembly.

Finished kitFinished kit