What Should I Have Received?

List of Parts 

This is a list of all the parts you should have received in your Robotics Kit 1 box. Your WiFi module might look different and you wrapper colors may vary.


All Parts
All Parts
DC Motor with Gear Box
I2C Motor Driver
9v AA Battery Holder
Robotics Kit Chassis
Motor Mounts
Line Finder Module
Line Finder Mount
Encoder Wheel
Steel Omni Wheel
Bag of Hardware
DC Motor with Gear Box 2
Tire 2
I2C Motor Driver 1
Cables 3
9v AA Battery Holder 1
Robotics Kit Chassis 1
Motor Mounts 4
Line Finder Module 2
Line Finder Mount 2
Encoder Wheel 2
Steel Omni Wheel 1
Bag of Hardware 1

Additional parts

You should also have received a sheet of 4 stickers and a postcard with instructions.