Assembling the Pen Mount


We will be putting the pen mount together and preparing everything for calibration of the pen holder.


Gather the following parts to complete this project.


All Parts
All Parts
Pen Plate
Pen Holder
Rubber bands
Pen Plate 1
Pen Holder 2
Rubber bands 2

Combining the Parts 

Place the two pen holder peices into the slots on the pen plate. They should go in sideways with the cutouts in the holders pointing down towards the legs in the pen plate. Place a M3 10mm screw into the hole and through both pen holders. Attach a nut and hand tighten.

Acrylic parts
Acrylic parts
Movie magic
No backing
Take one of the holders
Place into the plate so the cutout faces the legs
Holder in
Cutout down
Shown here
Now for the hardware
Grab the screw
Insert into the hole
Like so
Grab the nut

Adding a Pen 

Use a pen, pencil or marker for this part. You will also need one of the rubber bands. Place the pen in the wedge created by the pen holders. Wrap the rubber band around the pen. Start with the notches in the pen plate then over the pen then to the other notches in the pen plate.

All the parts
All the parts
I'm using a marker
See the wedge
Taking the marker
Placed onto the holders
Holding here for the next part
Taking the rubber band
Getting it on this notch
And the other
Across the pen
In the other notches
Top view

The Other Rubber Band 

Going back to the chassis. Take the other rubber band. It will be placed in the notch below the servo horn. The easiest way is to first loop it around the notch and pull it up and in fron of ther servo horn. With some tension on the rubber band, drop your pen pen through the center hole in the chassis. The legs in the pen plate will slide into the two slots in the chassis. Now pull the rubber band forward and over the pen holders but not the plate.

Zoom in of the servo
Zoom in of the servo
This is the notch
Other rubber band
Looping over notch
Pulling a bit
Pulling up
Insert pen piece
Pull over

Next Section 

The mechanical assembly is all done. Now we need to do some manual calibratation covered in the next section.