What Should I Have Received?


Here are all the parts that come with Robotics Kit 3


Gather the following parts to complete this project.


All Parts
All Parts
Level 2 Chassis
Servo Holder
Pen Plate
Pen Holder
Servo Driver Board
20mm Nylon Standoff
M3 10mm Machine Screw
M3 Hex Nuts
M2 10mm Machine Screw
M2 Hex Nuts
Red Male-to-Male Jumper
Black Male-to-Male Jumper
Rubber bands
Level 2 Chassis 1
Servo Holder 1
Pen Plate 1
Pen Holder 2
Servo 1
Servo Driver Board 1
20mm Nylon Standoff 8
M3 10mm Machine Screw 6
M3 Hex Nuts 6
M2 10mm Machine Screw 8
M2 Hex Nuts 8
Red Male-to-Male Jumper 1
Black Male-to-Male Jumper 1
Rubber bands 2
Cable 1

Additional parts

You should also have received a sheet of 6 stickers and a postcard with instructions.