Saving your programs


Once you've made a program, you might want to save it for later. Thimble Blockly offers two ways to do this: Saving to your Thimble profile and saving to your local computer. Saving to your Thimble profile allows you to access your programs from any computer where you can use Thimble Blockly. Saving to your computer allows you to share the file with other people.

Saving to your Thimble profile 

In order to save to your Thimble profile you'll first have to be logged in to your Thimble account. If you aren't logged in and have a program that you want to save you'll have to use the local save option (see below). Once you're logged in, you'll want to enter a name for your program in the box at the top-left of the editor window. Now you can select the save option from the menu and then select "Save as new program". The sketch will be saved to your profile and will show up on the load dialog.

Loading a program

Loading a program from your Thimble profile is easy: Just select the load option from the menu and then click on the program that you want to load. If you have a lot of programs you might have to click through some pages.

Updating a program

If you change your program and want to save it, you should open up the save dialog and click on the same program that you saved to or loaded from earlier. The sketch will be updated and will be ready to reload.

Renaming a program

If you want to change the name of a program, you'll first have to load it. Once you've loaded it, change the name in the name box, click save, and select the old file that you want to change the name of. You'll get a confirmation dialog. Click OK and your program name will be changed.

Deleting a program

You can delete a program by opening up the save or load dialogs and clicking on the delete icon next to a program's name. If you click it you will get a confirmation dialog, and then the program will be deleted.

Saving to your computer 

The other option you have is to save your program to your computer. Enter a name for your program, open the save dialog, and then press "Save to disk". Your browser will then download the save file.

Loading from your computer

Loading a program is very similar. Open the load dialog, then click "Load from disk". An upload window will appear. Just find the file that you saved before and open it.


You should now be able to easily save and load your programs so that you don't have to remake tham each time.