Electrical Troubleshooting 

If your ESP lights up but the servo does not move:

  • Check that the brown wire of the servo is lined up to plug into the pin labeled GND and that the orange wire is on the left.
  • Looking at the back of the PCB make sure there is no bridged connection between any of the pins, especially on your servo headers.

If the servo moves but the ESP does not light up

  • Make sure the ESP is plugged in the correct way and hanging over the top of the PCB away from the cut out hole in the middle.
  • On the back of the PCB look at the solder connections of the socket and mare sure they are secure
  • Check the polarity of the 10uF capacitor (Tall cylinder one) just to the right of the ESP socket. the negative marking should be facing away from the ESP socket (towards the little yellow ceramic capacitor next to it).
  • Look at the connections of the pins on the voltage regulator, make sure it is facing up with the tab side touching the PCB.

If neither the ESP or Servo move/light up:

  • Check the soldering of the male headers on the bottom of your PCB, make sure they are all secure and none of them are connected to each other.
  • Make sure when you plug your Arduino into the Light Switch PCB that you line up the gap between the two headers on the Arduino with the space between the two pin rows on the PCB.
  • It is possible to insert an Arduino incorrectly by shifting it to the left or right by as little as one pin. This can cause damage to your Arduino and the Light Switch PCB so be careful to line it up!

Mechanical Troubleshooting 

This video details a few things you can try if your Light Switch Kit isn't correctly turning your lights on and off.

If the actuator plate is very hard to move:

  • Check that you have installed the M3 washer from the Paddle Switch Spacers or Toggle Switch Spacers step (depending on which light switch you have).
  • Make sure the two #6-32 1¼" screws that go into the wall aren't too tight. They should be firm but you don't need to over tighten them.

If the servo gets stuck while moving:

  • Make note of how tight the screw is for the servo arm as seen in the following step (depending on which light switch you have) Servo Horn step.
  • Depending on the age of light switch in your house, you may need to add or remove a spacer from each screw of your assembly to achieve the correct height.

If the serial monitor prints but the servo doesn't move:

  • Make sure the servo is connected to the Servo 1 header and that the data pin for it is correct in your code

Code Troubleshooting 

If nothing happens when you press the button:

  • Make sure that your code is using pin A4 for the button reading
  • Check that you have the following code in your run loop.
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	  buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);	// Read button state
	  if (buttonState == LOW) {
	    buttonCase();			// Enter the buttonCase function

If you do not get a response from the ESP;

  • Make sure the IP and Port you are sending the packet to are exactly what the ESP is listening for.
  • Make sure your phone or device is connected to the same WiFi network as your ESP.

If you get a response from the ESP but nothing happens:

  • Make sure you have the correct servo position values in your buttonCase function.

If you are really stuck and can't get your code to work

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